Monday, January 13, 2014

Work in Progress

The Castle

I've been reading about Agnes Martin lately -- "The vision is not discovered in the act of painting... the image in her mind is brought total to the canvas." (Ann Wilson, quoted in Christina Bryan Rosenburger's essay)

Martin herself said multiple times that the process of starting with a vision and sticking to it was essential and advised other artists to do the same. I don't take her advice, however, and I do discover my vision in the process of making art. I wonder why not doing this was so important to her.

I was also reading interviews with Nabokov and was reminded again of the fact that he didn't like modern art. He used the phrase "so-called abstract artists." It's too bad. 

Here are some sketches I did with the Memphis Urban Sketchers at the Laurelwood Booksellers (formerly Davis-Kidd) on Saturday: 
It was a really fun time!


  1. I love that you sketched the sketchers.

  2. Thanks! I loved that they would sit still for me, unlike most strangers who don't know I'm drawing them.