Friday, March 28, 2014

Impossible Language was a Great Success!

This was an interdisciplinary show organized by Ashley Roach-Freiman. It involved poetry, visual art, and music.

 Here is the wonderful poet Jonathan Owen May in center, along with Erica Qualy, Clay Cantrell, and Laressa Dickey.

I was so happy to be able to display my work alongside the work of Mary Jo Karimnia.

 One of the reasons last night was fantastic is because the work on lightboxes doesn't really show up right in photos. It was great to have people look at it in person. Here is a photograph, anyway.

 The musician/writer Clay Cantrell is to the right. I don't think he noticed, but while he was playing one song on his electric guitar, my lightbox displaying Susanna and the Elders was flickering to the music. It was beautiful but nerve-wracking for me! Fortunately, the flickering stopped after the first song.

 Very delicious cookies and cheese wafers were served (made by my amazing mother-in-law, Phyllis Vaziri).

 My sister Halle Kiihnl curated my outfit for this event. Great job, Halle!

 The painter Adam Benet Shaw has been an inspiration to me.

 The Castle, Meghan, Mary Jo, and three of Mary Jo's loveliest seed bead mosaics.

 It was so exciting to be part of an event that got both artists and non-visual-art people out (writers). Ashley has some great ideas!

 I can't tell you how much I needed people to see my work in person so that I could get some real feedback. I also learned a lot about my own work last night. For instance, this work swayed with the winds made by the air-conditioner -- and I loved it!

 Some of the art folks I most respect in Memphis came out to see this show -- here's Sarah Knowles.

And Stephanie Cosby.

This really was a magical event, and I want to thank Ashley Roach-Freiman for putting it on.


  1. So AWESOME!

    I can't wait till schools over so that I can start coming out of my hobbit hole to see some cool events.

  2. The last picture especially is awesome - Great job :-)