Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Man Called Destruction

This was a reading at storybooth last night.

That's the author, Holly George-Warren.

You can see me sketching in this photo! I'm the one with the braid.
I kind of felt bad about drawing unsuspecting people... Oh well. This lady kept turning her head to talk to the person she came with, so I decided to work on two sketches of her simultaneously. It was a challenge!
This woman had gray shoes to match her suit. She and her date were very well dressed.
I also had fun bicycling to this event and back. I went even though thunderstorms were predicted... It didn't storm! It's best not to take weather reports literally.


  1. Something that actually helps quite a bit when you do your gestural style sketching is to think about all over composition.
    Make all of the poses conform to a certain visual narrative that you are going for, even if it only makes sense to you.

    A person that is amazing at this is Wes Burt:
    There are a ton more, but he instantly pops out as something that you might find interesting.
    His rendering is pretty ridiculous, but I thought you might enjoy the composition of his life drawing.

    Anyway, hope you're having a good one :)

    1. Oh wow, his work is amazing! Thanks for passing it along.