Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Art Show - Unchained II

               I was in an art show last month - Unchained II at the Rozelle Warehouse. Mary Jo Karimnia organized it. I loved everything about this show - being invited to it, inviting the next artist, meeting and making friends with the other artists involved, making collaborative drawings in connection with it, helping to hang it, the opening, and especially the art talk. The Vaziri Brothers provided music for the opening reception, which was a fun party.

              For me, the collaborative drawings were a great way to work through what the concept "unchained" in reference to an art exhibition might mean. The gallery talk was the first time I've done any public speaking on the subject of my art, and it helped me to progress in my thinking about it. 

             What I enjoyed most about exhibiting was getting feedback on my art. I was told (in an approving way) that I had descended into insanity, that the man in the painting was very creepy, that the deer was judging us, and that tulle can be treated with heat to melt it and make patterns into it, among other things. 

             I enjoyed the work of the other artists and learning more about their process, as well. Kerri Dugan's affinity for space travel was particularly fascinating.

            Eileen Townsend wrote a review in the Memphis Flyer that discusses Susanna and the Elders. In it, she describes the work as un-photographable, but here are two tries:

Meghan Vaziri 
Susanna and the Elders, 2013
 wool, cotton and silk thread on tulle fabric 
48 in x 48 in

I'm really happy about the review. Here's the image that inspired the painting above:

Gentileschi, Artemisia. Susanna and the Elders. Schloss Weissenstein, Pommersfelden, Germany, 1610.

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