Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Good Times

        Last night I went to the art opening for Elizabeth Alley and Martha Kelly's show at the Botanic Gardens. It was lovely! I met Melanie Spillman there, whose work I really admire.
Me with the artwork I had framed today
      Then I had a great day today. The weather was amazing. In the morning it had exactly the breeze of an early spring day. I feel lucky that I got to run errands all day today on my bicycle.
     One of the errands was getting a piece framed at Frame Corner. The lady there, Rene (rhymes with green), very patiently showed me every step of putting the mat and frame and artwork together myself (after everything had been cut for me). This allowed me to save 10%, AND I learned a lot about how framing is done. Plus the people there were enthusiastic about the portraits I painted, which was great.
     I highly recommend Frame Corner to any artists in Memphis.

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