Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Difference Between Painting and Drawing

Here is a drawing I made yesterday:

And here is the same image painted:

             I was reading this article that mentions an artist who died because he refused to stop using paint that contained lead: "Portinari seemed to strongly prefer working with the lead paints, reportedly saying 'They forbid me to live,' about the doctors who urged him to give them up."

            Since I needed a new tube of white oil paint, I started researching the hazards and benefits of different types. In most cases, it's essential that white paint not yellow over time, so one artist did a test to see which type of paint was best. All of the flake white paints (containing lead) come out the best in this test. There are also many artists who swear by lead paint for portraiture. I did think about buying some, until I saw this label for the lead version of the brand I use: 

The warning label on what I bought instead was much better, although it does still have one:

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